What to Expect as a New CNA

It is important to know what to expect if you are planning on becoming a certified nursing assistant so that you can prepare yourself for what is to come. Being a CNA is a lot of work hard work, both mentally and physically. Those who have successfully completed a program to become a certified nursing assistant can work in many different types of places, including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals. While it is true that CNAs are a step below registered nurses and therefore do not have the same duties and responsibilities, they are still a necessary part of the healthcare system in many ways.

The overall experience of working as a CNA is different for everyone, and it depends not just on the individual but also where they are employed. Those who work in nursing homes or assisted living facilities can expect to have many regular patients whom they see and care for each day. There can be a lot of emotional baggage tied to the role of a nurse’s assistant, especially in jobs which involve having the same patients every day and forming bonds with over time.

There are some basic duties and responsibilities of a CNA, such as being responsible for seeing to the needs of patients who cannot feed and dress themselves as well as get into the shower. It is the job of a nurse’s assistant to make notes of any significant changes in a patient’s overall well-being and write them into their charts. CNAs typically work under the supervision of registered nurses and therefore must work with and answer to them on a regular basis. Being a CNA requires excellent communications skills as well as the ability to work well on a team so that everything works smoothly for everyone, patients and staff alike.

It is also the job of CNAs to take the vitals of patient’s on a regular basis, including heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. People who work in these jobs are often required to take courses which are designed to keep them up to date on changes regarding patient care as well as computer-related issues. The job of a certified nursing assistant can be quite stressful and hectic at times, especially for those who work day shifts. It will be absolutely crucial that you prepare yourself mentally for this job as much as possible so that you can be successful in every way.

Many CNAs work in hospitals, and doing so offers these people the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of the medical field and healthcare industry. Hospitals are among the most fast-paced and stressful environments for nurse’s assistants, as they can present unique challenges which are not found in any other type of medical center. Those who work as a CNA in nursing homes will find that there are certain things which can be difficult for them to do, such as working with patients who have dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) as well as other conditions which affect speech and mobility, like Parkinson’s Disease.

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