Vermont CNA Classes

State  CNA Qualifications & Regulations 

Vermont has some unique regulations for its Certified Nursing Assistants. The state considers nurse aides under a different title: Licensed Nursing Assistants.  With the new name comes new obligations, and LNAs in Vermont are required to complete more training than the average CNA in the United States. As in other states, 75 hours of classroom instruction are required, but on top of this, clinical experience with direct patient care totaling at least 30 hours must also be provided to trainees. After training is complete, the LNA candidate must register to take the state’s competency exam and also to be included on the state’s nurse aide registry. To apply for the state registry, an application must be sent in to the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation with the $20 application fee, a 2’’ x 2’’ photograph of the candidate from the last six months, and the certificate of completion from an approved training program. After this application has been completed, the nurse aide should then register to take their competency exam. The test-provider is a private company, Pearson VUE, whichCNA Training Vermont handles many different national certification and licensing exams. The application form can be found online and must be mailed to Pearson VUE’s main office. Once all appropriate materials are received, the authorization to test will be given to the candidate, allowing them to schedule the date and time of their exam. 

CNA Salary & Wages 

Working as a nurse aide in Vermont earns an average salary of $25,000. This is above the national average, though it falls below the regional average for states in the New England area. Wages start around $21,000 per year and are capped at around $29,000. This is a very standard range for CNAs working in the United States. However, the cost of training in Vermont is a bit higher than in other states. This is due to the extensive hours of training required. Unlike other nearby states with highly trained nurse aides (like New Hampshire), the longer hours spent in training do not yield a higher salary. The cost to take Pearson VUE’s competency test is $130. If you are seeking employment in the healthcare industry, it may be more efficient to seek relocation to another state for CNA certification and employment. It is possible to receive reimbursement for the cost of training however, so financial difficulties should not send you packing. Federal law allows CNAs to be repaid for their training by the state if they have found employment within one year of completing their certification. If the CNA receives an offer of employment before completing training, they are prohibited from paying the cost of their training, which becomes the employer’s obligation.

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