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There are many places that offer training courses for Certified Nursing Assistant certification, but choosing one can be a difficult task. For each individual, there are many considerations as to what makes one program more favorable than another: cost, convenience, schedule, reputation. Depending on what your constraints are, there is a perfect program for you. A good place to begin your search for state-approved nurse aide training courses is online at your state’s board of nursing. But even before you do that, here is a list of some popular CNA programs across the United States.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a prominent healthcare organization that provides many services to thousands of communities across the country. They provide medical services and many types of instruction programs, including state-approved nurse aide training programs. Though nurse aide training is only available at centers in some states, the program is affiliated with one of the most reputable nursing organizations in the country. The cost is relatively low compared to others, and the required instruction materials are included in the price of tuition, unlike other companies. They offer many class formats, and also provide the opportunity for continued education courses, which some states require for certificate renewal. They also offer the opportunity to train as an instructor, which can be extremely useful for individuals interested in a different type of nursing work or improving their resume for career advancement.

Nursing Certificate Programs

The CNA is a unique employee in the healthcare workforce because of the limited qualifications required to begin training as one. Nursing certificate programs take advantage of this, and offer a streamlined certification process for CNAs. There is no significant difference between the pass-rates of students that enroll in these versus other programs at community colleges or nursing homes, suggesting that they are just as effective for preparation. There are some risks involved because they are usually smaller programs and instructors can be inexperienced or disorganized, depending on the program. Finding a program with a good reputation will be advantageous to picking one randomly or based on cost. Seek out technical colleges or vocational schools that are attached to a larger franchise or network of schools to avoid unfavorable programs.

Community Colleges

The community college is a main provider of state-approved nurse aide training programs. These schools are two-year institutions that offer many types of vocational instruction programs besides their associate degrees. They are often the most conveniently located, with geographic distribution based on population. They are associated with credible institutions and can provide an extensive network of professional contacts in the healthcare field. They are the most reliable of all training programs, but often come with the highest tuition. There are trade-offs for every type of instruction, so consider every type before making your choice.

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