Top 10 States to Work as a CNA

Top 10 CNA States

Making the decision to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant has many factors. Before choosing to settle down at a job, consider the many options for employment as a nurse aide. Because of the differences between state regulations, there are many distinctions between the employment benefits for CNAs. Here is a list of the top ten states to work as a certified nursing assistant based on salary, training requirements, and employment opportunities.

10. Arizona

Arizona is one of the best-paying states to work in as a CNA. The average salary is around $27,000, which is higher than 75% of other states in the United States. The drawbacks include fewer employment opportunities and a more job competition.

9. North Carolina

North Carolina is one of few states that does not require CNAs to complete a state-approved training program before challenging the certification test. This can be extremely useful because it greatly reduces the cost of the certification process. But the average salary is relatively low, around $22,000. The low pay is balanced by the many employment opportunities across the state.

8. Wyoming

Because of the low number of qualified nursing assistants, Wyoming offers greater rewards to those CNAs that are employed. The average salary is around $27,000 and there are many opportunities for employment, both at nursing homes and as personal home health aides.

7.  Nevada

The best part about working in Nevada as a CNA is the salary. Ranked in the top five states for wage, the average salary for nurse aides is about $31,000. There are some drawbacks as well. There is not a very high demand for nursing assistants in the state, due to low population and citizen demographics. It may be more difficult to find a job due to the geographic separation between major cities and low demand for nurse aides.

6. Connecticut

Connecticut would rank higher on the list if it were not for the extra training required to become a certified nursing assistant. CNAs in Connecticut must complete at least 100 hours of instruction, which is above average. Their salary reflects this fact too, and their wages are better than others at an average salary of $31,000.

5. Texas

Texas is a great place to find employment as a CNA due to the growing demand and widespread employment opportunities. It has one of the largest bodies of nursing assistants, with over 86,000 actively employed. The state is extremely large, and every region has a significant need for healthcare professionals. The average salary is around $23,000, which is relatively lower than other states.

4. California

California has more actively-employed CNAs than any other state. Given the large size and greatly diverse population, there are many different types of employment opportunities for qualified nurse aides: nursing homes, hospitals, health-care clinics, etc. The average salary exceeds other state averages at $29,000 per year.

3. Pennsylvania

With a significantly larger elderly population than other states, Pennsylvania is a hot-spot for certified nursing assistants. The high number of nursing homes ensures that many employment opportunities are available, and the average salary is competitive with most other states’ at $27,000.

2. Florida

Florida is another state that does not require a state-approved training program to be completed before challenging the certification exam. This can eliminate the cost of training for the most focused applicants. The state also hosts a significant number of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, making employment a simpler process. The average salary earned by CNAs in Florida is $24,000.

1. New York

New York is number one for its perfect balance of benefits. With the second most nursing assistants and the second highest average salary, New York is the best place to begin working as a certified nursing assistant. There is a huge demand for nurse aides at nursing homes in urban, suburban, and rural settings. The high salary accounts for the higher cost of living, but $32,000 per year is much more than CNAs get in other places.








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