South Carolina CNA Training Classes

The qualifications for Certified Nurse Assistants in South Carolina conform to the national standards. There are several ways to become qualified, with the most common route being the completion of a state-approved nurse aide training program and passing the certification test. These training programs are available at nursing homes, hospitals, community and technical colleges, and some community centers. For the program to meet with South Carolina’s requirements, the training must consist of at least 80 hours of instruction. Within these 80 hours, 40 must be spent gaining clinical experience, such as providing direct patient care or laboratory work under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Upon c

CNA Training South Carolina

ompleting of the training, the applicant has two years to challenge the certification exam or else must repeat another refresher course totaling at least 40 hours.Other ways to qualify for the certification exam include nursing school, military training, or certification from another state with training totaling at least 80 hours. The applicants who fall into these categories must contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to check their eligibility. To register for a certification exam, the applicant must fill out a form from Pearson VUE, a private test-provider, or from NACES, another certified test-provider in South Carolina.

Working in South Carolina, a CNA can expect to make approximately $22,000 per year. This salary is very close to the national average, varying from $19,000 at an entry-level position to $24,000 at the highest pay-rate. The wage fits with the regional norm, with several states around South Carolina nearly identical in salary brackets for CNAs. Pearson VUE offers both parts of the certification exam for the price of $101, though checks must be made out to NACES. The cost of training varies between the different institutions that offer it. There are many options for free training at community centers and some hospitals or nursing homes. But other programs are offered at prices between $400 and $1,200. Federal funding is provided to reimburse CNAs for their training under certain conditions. In South Carolina, if a CNA receives an offer of employment during their training or within a year of being hired, there is the option to be reimbursed for the cost of training. If hired by a nursing home that accepts Medicare or Medicaid, the CNA’s training must be covered by the employer. If hired by a different type of facility, the CNA must contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to get their reimbursement.

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