New York CNA Training Classes

Qualifications and Regulations

New York is a great state to work in as a Certified Nursing Assistant because of its straightforward regulations on the necessary qualifications. The certification process is handled by the New York Department of Health and a private test-providing company, Prometric. In order to achieve certification, a CNA candidate must complete a state-approved nurse aide training program. These training programs are required by federal law to be at least 75 hours long, with at least 16 hours spent training in a clinical setting under the direct supervision of a Register Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. After completing the training program, the candidate has two years to take the national certification exam or else the credit from their training program will no longer be valid. The NATCEP exam is provided by Prometric. In order to register for the exam, there is a number of application processes required. Firstly, the candidate must submit to a criminal background check, including a valid fingerprint card, and pass without history of felony. Once this part of the process is complete, then the applicant may submit their application to test to the training program of their completion. The program director is responsible for filling in the rest of the necessary information, and then passing along the form to Prometric. Once Prometric has received all of the CNA’s materials, the option to schedule a test will be available to the applicant.CNA Training New York

Wage and Cost

The average salary of a CNA working in New York is approximately $27,000. This is above average and represents one of the highest pay-scales in the country for CNAs. The lowest paid CNAs receive salaries around $23,000 and the highest paid receive salaries around $31,000. The higher pay can be accounted for by the relatively expensive costs of living in the state, especially in the densely populated urban center of New York City. The state is very large with a population to match, providing countless employment opportunities. Part of the reason the salary is relatively higher than other states is because of the many different types of institutions that employ CNAs throughout the state. Because of the highly developed nature of the state’s urban and suburban neighborhoods, there will options to choose among for employing institutions, such as hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care centers, and countless types of community outreach clinics. Like most other states, New York requires that employers reimburse CNAs for the cost of their training if hired during training or within one year of completion. Prometric’s fee for providing both portions of the test is $115, also reimbursed upon employment.

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