Massachusetts CNA Training Classes

CNA Qualifications and Regulations

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Massachusetts, there are a few steps to take that are very similar to the requirements in other states. There is also a very similar position: the Home Health Aide. In Massachusetts, it is possible to work as a Home Health Aide after completing a 75 hour training program but without passing a state exam. These nurse aides are permitted to work in private settings and assist with basic, daily needs for patients outside of clinical settings. To become a CNA requires a similar training program, but the nurse aide must complete a state competency exam to begin practicing. In Massachusetts, state-approved programs for CNAs must offer at least 100 hours of education, with 75 in the classroom and 25 in a clinical setting.There are other ways to qualify to take the CNA certification exam in Massachusetts. For example, it is also possible to take the Massachusetts competency exam with an out-of-state CNA certificate that is still valid. Another way to qualify for the exam is to have completed a health care aide program wiCNA Training Massachusettsthin the last five years and since that program’s completion, have at least two years of employment as a health care aide. In order for these types of qualifications to be accepted, the applicant must include any relevant material they received from their training, including certificates of completion, skills evaluations, course schedules, or some other proof of engagement with the training program. To verify proof of employment, the signature of the most recent employer must be provided, or else will not be accepted.

Salary and Cost

The average yearly salary a CNA makes working in Massachusetts is approximately $28,000, along a range of $25,000 to $31,000. This is one of the highest average pay-rates for all CNAs across the country. CNAs working at the higher end of this wage spectrum are the most experienced and technically trained, with work experience in the field totaling at least 10 years. Among the New England region states, Massachusetts’ salary for CNAs is very competitive, though the wages are very high in neighboring states as well. This is most likely due to the higher cost of living in the more developed urban areas of the East Coast states. Training courses in the state range in cost, as there are many different options to receive certification. One of the most common providers of training, the American Red Cross offers classes at several different locations throughout the state, ranging in tuition from $800 to $950.



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