Louisiana CNA Training Classes

Louisiana Qualifications and Requirements

State regulations in Louisiana are similar to many states across the country when it comes to qualifications for their Certified Nursing Assistants.One minor distinction Louisiana makes is to translate CNA to its regional equivalent, Certified Nurse Aide. An applicant must complete a state-approved nurse aide training program, which consists of at least 80 hours of instruction. 40 of the hours must be spent in classroom study and the other 40 must be spent during supervised clinical instruction to build the knowledge base and hands-on experience necessary for the CNA applicant to pass their certification test, or NATCEP. The certification test consists of two sections, a written portion and a clinical-skills evaluation. The applicant must pass both sections of the NATCEP within two years of completing their state-approved training program. Upon employment, the facility or institution that hires the CNA must also provide at least 16 hours of on-site orientation before allowing the CNA to conduct their regular duties. Like all CNA titles, the certification is only valid for two years, if the candidate has proof of employment totaling at least eight hours during the two-year period. To be enrolled in the nurse aide registry for the state, a CNA submit a fingerprint card and up-to-date medical records with their application. Upon passing a criminal background check, the certification process will be complete and it will be possible for the CNA to finally make good.

Wage and CostCNA Classes Louisiana

The average salary of a CNA working in Louisiana is approximately $21,000. This is below average for most CNAs in the country, falling among the lowest wages of the entire country. Neighboring states share this pay-rate, though the wage in Texas is slightly more competitive with the national norm. A Louisiana wage can range anywhere from $18,700 to $22,800, depending on years of experience and the type of facility that employs the CNA. Fortunately for CNA-candidates in Louisiana, there are no administrative fees associated with applying for your certification. There will be fees for the training programs, however. Depending on the type of training you seek out, the cost of CNA course can range from $200 to $1250. There are many hospitals and healthcare facilities that will offer classes and employment simultaneously, covering the cost of training with a working wage. If seeking less costly training programs, investigate American Red Cross centers or other community outreach programs for technical guidance.

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