Kentucky CNA Training Classes

Kentucky Qualifications and Regulations

Kentucky has some unique distinctions for its Certified Nursing Assistants, though the basic certification process and protocols are the same as many other states. The first distinction which separates CNAs is their title. In Kentucky, a CNA is referred to as a State-Registered Nursing Aide, or SRNA. The title is differently worded but otherwise identical to that of the CNA. SRNAs are not licensed to practice independently and must work beneath a licensed nurse or healthcare professional. All SRNAs must complete a state-approved training program, followed by a competency test. The format of the test is with two portions, a written section and a practical exam on clinical skills. Kentucky also requires that SRNA certification be renewed every two years, that period beginning with the day that the certification exam is passed. Types of employers that qualify a CNA for renewal include nursing homes and hospitals, with proof of a working wage, or private employers, with a notarized letter from the employer or patient’s family. If the certification is not renCNA Traing Classes Kentuckyewed before the two year period ends, an applicant must begin the process again, taking another SRNA training course and competency exam. Once a SRNA is employed, state law requires that the nurse aide receive at least 12 hours of orientation, facility-specific instructions, or on-site instruction every year. This is Kentucky’s amendment to ensure that CNAs continue their education and maintain their skillsets.

Wage and Cost

The average wage for SRNAs working make around $22,000. This is close to the national average for all CNAs, but on the lower end of the spectrum. States to the east and west of Kentucky have higher wages for nurse aides, but those to the south are compensated less. SRNAs make between $18,700 and $24,900. Like some programs in other states, there is a state fund associated with the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services, created toreimburse candidates for the cost of their training and examination fees. Price of tuition in Kentucky nurse aide training programs can be anywhere from $580 to $750, with cheaper alternatives like community centers and online classes available. The cost to take both parts of the exam is $75 dollars, sometimes included in the cost of tuition. All costs considered, the price of nurse aide training is not as expensive as it is in other states. Combined with the option to be reimbursed with proof of financial need, it is possible to become a CNA with relatively little expense.

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