Kansas CNA Training Classes

Kansas Qualifications and Regulations

The state of Kansas has requirements much like every other state for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Candidates must complete a state-approved nurse aide training program that satisfies regulations on classroom instruction and clinical experience. Training programs must expose students to at least 75 hours of classroom instruction and at least 16 hours of supervised, practical instruction in a clinical setting. It is possible to work as a nurse aide while receiving your CNA training, but this working status expires 120 days after beginning the training course, as the candidate should have completed their certification by that time.Like every other CNA exam in the country, there are two portions of the test: written and clinical. If passed with a score above 75%, the results of the exam must be recorded in the state’s Nurse Aide Registry within 30 days in order to be validated. Fortunately, the Kansas Department for Aging and Disabilities Services requires that all costs for CNAs be covered by the employer that hires them. This is a system similar to many other states, but is extremely convenient for any candidate made anxious by financial difficulties. If the CNA is employed or receives an offer for employment within 12 months of completing a training program and passing the certification test, the state will reimburse the individual for the cost of the CNA course and examination.

Wage and CostCNA training classes Kansas

The average salary for a CNA working in Kansas falls right around the national average at $22,000 per year. Distributed between a range of $19,800 and $25,000, the wage is neither the highest nor the lowest in the country. Among the adjacent states of the Midwest and South, CNAs in Kansas have a higher pay-rate than their neighbors below them, but do not make as much as their neighbors to the north. Because many of the providers of state-approved training programs are community or technical colleges, the cost is calculated per credit hour. The cost will range between $400-$1000 and includes fees for materials and examination, so price will vary depending on the program you choose. Keep in mind that employers of CNAs in Kansas are required by state law to reimburse the cost of an employee’s course and certification. This makes the process of gaining CNA certification in Kansas a bit smoother than in other states, as the financial hurdles are not so challenging. There are also options like online courses and community centers available to candidates seeking CNA classes.


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