How to Register for CNA Training and Certification

CNA Training

Registering for CNA training should be the last step to a long process of researching and evaluating all the options available to you. There are many different facilities and types of institutions that can satisfy state requirements for nurse aide training, so choosing wisely will make the process much smoother and more efficient. Once you have decided which program is best for you, there are several steps to take in order to apply and register for your training and certification. By carefully managing your application process, you will reduce the amount of time you have to wait before being employed as a nurse aide.

Instruction programs have simple registration processes. The most important things they look for are personal and financial information. If there is an opening in their next class, they require an application to be filled out that details your name, address, and personal background in terms of education and healthcare. The forms may ask personal questions to determine your moral fiber, such as whether or not you’ve committed any crimes or had instances of ethical wrong-doing. Lastly, they will request to verify your payment method, and the application will detail the specific information they require.

Once you are registered for training, you should start to get ready for the next wave of registration forms required for your certification test. Though your instructors will assist with the process, every CNA must apply to take their state certification test at the end of their training. The first thing to do is get all your application materials in order. The state-approved nurse aide programs are often completed in several months, so taking the time in advance to prepare the next batch of application materials will make it easy to apply for the certification test.

The primary means of identification required by the state Board of Nursing is your social security card. A photocopy will suffice. Most states also require a passport sized photo of you from the past two years. This is a 2-inch by 2-inch picture. Much like your state ID, this picture will be used to verify your identity on the day of testing and in state files. Next, they will need to check your criminal history. Most states accomplish this with fingerprinting technology, whereby individuals are registered and identified by their unique prints. If you have any criminal history, your prints will already be on file. Sometimes this must be completed through a private company the state favors, or the state will complete the process themselves for a fee. There will also be a fee for the application and test, and state governments require payment in cash or check.

Registration is only a small part of the process in becoming a CNA, but if it isn’t taken seriously, it will become a much larger part. Taking the time to get your materials in order will reduce the amount of stress overall, and help you focus on the important parts of training. And the process does not end with certification. Certification renewal is required every two years. Staying organized and ahead of deadlines will make it much easier to begin your career as a nurse aide and sustain it well into the future.

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