How to be Successful as a CNA

In order to be truly successful as a certified nursing assistant, there are some key skills that one needs. Being prepared can make a world of difference when it comes to how you handle your job as a CNA, so it will therefore be important that you know which skills and characteristics are crucial to have for this type of job. One of the most crucial characteristics that a person who works as a CNA can have is patience as well as a caring and understanding personality.

Because you will most likely be working primarily with the elderly, it is imperative that you are patient and understanding with them. Many of these people will have disabilities and handicaps which will prevent them from being able to regular everyday things for themselves. The more patient you are with the people you are responsible for helping, the easier your job will come and the more successful you will be at it. It can sometimes be easy to become impatient and forget the nature of your patients, which is why it is so important that you remember to be as compassionate as possible.

Another thing that a lot of people who go into this type of work fail to remember is that part of it involves working with specimens which can include feces, blood, and urine. This is just the nature of being a CNA and you must be able to handle it in order to be successful. Even the program that you go into will require you to deal with these kinds of specimens on a regular basis, so it is something which you will have to get comfortable with early on.

Being able to remain calm even when there is utter chaos all around you is another invaluable skill/trait which you will need to have as a CNA. This job can get very stressful at times and it is important that you not panic, because that is how mistakes are made. Sometimes it takes a little while to adjust to working in such a fast-paced and stressful environment, but the sooner you learn to deal with the mental/emotional issues that come with doing so the better. The calmer you are as a CNA, the better of a position you will be in to help your patients.

Flexibility is yet another important trait to have when you are working as a nurse’s assistant, as you will occasionally need to take on additional responsibilities which can include cleaning medical supplies/equipment as well as other things that need to get done. Although a certified nursing assistant doesn’t have the same kinds of responsibilities as a doctor or registered nurse, they sometimes need to be able to diagnose small problems like bed sores which get increasingly worse if they are ignored or missed. With all of these skills and more, you will be able to increase your chances of excelling as a CNA and thereby setting yourself on the right path towards advancing your career.

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