Hawaii CNA Training Classes

Hawaii Qualifications and Requirements

Hawaii has very standard requirements for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are two methods for applicants to become certified. The first is for beginners who have never received their certification. Like most other states, Hawaii requires these applicants to enroll in a state-approved nurse aide training program. The state-approved training programs vary, but require at least six weeks of instruction, for a total of about 75 hours of training in classroom and clinical settings. The certification exam must be taken within two years or three attempts, or else a training program must be repeated before the next attempt. The lowest passing score is a 70% on the written test and successful execution of five random skill tests during the clinical portion. The second method for certification applies for out-of-state CNAs. These applicants are required to send in a different application in order to verify their certification. The decision is made by Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, based on the CNA’s standing in their state of certification and other background checks. Thestate government requires that certification be renewed every two years. For recertification, the applicant must have worked for compensation at a healthcare facility in the past year and submit their annual performance report as proof. Unlike other states, Hawaii does not take responsibility for reminding CNAs and does not make concessions to applicants who were unaware of their pending status.

Wage and CostCNA Classes Hawaii

The average salary for a CNA working in Hawaii is approximately $27,000. In general, wages are distributed along a scale from $22,800 to $31,200. This is a very high rate for a CNA working in the United States. Because of the nature of the island state’s archipelago-geography, there is a wide range of work available, with hospitals hiring workers from different islands and neighborhoods. Because of the limited population and high tourism rate, the job-market is lacking workers but not commerce. The little island-state hosts wealthy institutions, despite its size. All training and certification fees are dealt with by Prometric, an online test-provider that works with Hawaii and many other states to organize their CNA certification processes. To take the written and clinical exams for certification, there is a $200 fee with an additional $25 fee for application processing. To apply for reciprocity and transfer your CNA certification from another state, there is a $25 application fee. The state-approved nurse aide training programs are available at a number of different types of institutions. Most courses have registration fees from $250 to $500, sometimes with additional charges for medical equipment or testing fees.


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