Getting Promoted: How to make more Money as a CNA

Once you’ve landed your first CNA job, there are a lot of ways to start earning more. It’s not just about getting more experience. It’s also about showing initiative. You can show your supervisors that you’re ready to take on greater challenges and be rewarded accordingly for taking more responsibility. Besides overtime, there are many ways to increase your earning power during regularly scheduled hours. Here are some simple and useful tips to increase your wage as a CNA.

Show Up Early

Punching in early is an easy way to make the most of your time at work. Even if your employer limits your weekly hours, you can still make sure you get the most time possible by showing up at least 5 or 10 minutes early each day. That way, any lost time can be made up for before you ever miss it. If you’re running late or have to leave early, you will still have a full work week and show your supervisors you are reliable.

Train New Employees

There are always new workers joining the healthcare team. It takes time and energy to get them up to speed. Sometimes these new employees will be assigned to specific CNAs for training or orientation, but you can show initiative by offering to train these new employees when possible. This shows a commitment to the job and also proves your experience level. Not only this, but you can help your new coworkers get into the swing of the job sooner if you take an interest in helping them figure it out.

Take on Extra Tasks

Sometimes there are tasks that fall outside of the job description for CNAs but still need to be done. These might include doing extra laundry, escorting residents to and from appointments, assisting wound care nurses on rounds, or planning activities with the activity coordinator. The more effort you put into your job, the more you will be rewarded. By inventing greater responsibilities, you may put yourself in a new position to be promoted. Combined with the first two tips here, taking on extra tasks will make you one of the most respected and experienced CNAs among your coworkers. If you are not able to get more for these efforts, the esteem and skills you build at your first job will definitely help you to find a better paying job and increase your wage that way.

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