How to Get Free CNA Classes Online

Becoming a Certified Nurse’s Assistant can be a simple way to start making a difference in your life and the lives of others. The best part is that the training is available everywhere. For those already working full-time, the most suitable option is to take online classes. It’s even possible to receive all your training for free!

Getting Started

All CNA applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED degree. It is rare that there are more advanced requirements, but check up on your state’s regulations to make sure. Choosing an online program may take some research with trial and error, as there are many options.Seeking a free program may provide illegitimate or unrealistic offers from websites that are not concerned with your future as a CNA.


The search for your ideal, online CNA training program will begin on the Internet. Using a search engine to find a few, possible programs will give you a Free CNA Classes Onlineselection to narrow down and a list to choose from. In this manner, you can select programs that cater more specifically to your needs, which may vary depending on your state and situation. It will also help you eliminate the imposter programs by comparison next to genuine ones. No matter the program you pick, make sure to get in touch with someone affiliated with the program. Checking with a real person by phone is favorable, but email should suffice to answer basic questions. The most important thing to verify is that the program offers certificates or transcripts to prove that you enrolled and completed your training. Do not waste your time on a free online course if it will not teach you what you need to know.

Required Coursework

The point of the free CNA classes online is to develop the applicant’s skills and knowledge-base. Courses will familiarize students with the environment and necessary tools of their new profession. Ultimately, you will need to have learned certain procedures and information to pass the certification test. But really, the most important part of training is learning the care-giving standards required of all CNAs. Your classes should not just be fact-based. You should also be gaining hands on experience with patients, because there is a clinical portion of the CNA certification test. Cover both bases of textbook and practical knowledge.Knowing the facts behind daily procedures and having the skills to efficiently complete them will make your training will pay off.

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