Finding a Job as a Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants are one of the most highly demanded workers in healthcare as of 2012. This will not change for many years to come, so get in on the booming employment numbers now to find a stable career. Finding a job is easier than in other industries because of the many different places that need qualified healthcare support workers to work at many hours throughout the day. Here are some of the best ways to find a job as a nursing assistant.

Start Hunting Early

CNAs are allowed to work for up to 4 months without having their official certification. This means that you can start hunting for a job long before you have officially become a nursing assistant on the state records. Having a longer time period for your job search will allow you to find more opportunities and better positions for your needs. The more time you spend looking, the better the options you will find.

Check Multiple Types of Facilities

Healthcare is a diverse industry and there are many places that need CNAs to help with their growing workloads. The main employers of nursing assistants are nursing homes and long-term care centers. These account for 75% of employment because the majority of their staff is made of nurse aides and nursing assistants. But there are more opportunities elsewhere too. Hospitals are also a major employer of CNAs to help with patient needs around the clock. There are other jobs to be had at private medical offices, home health care agencies, and private individuals that need assistance. Depending on your preferences, you can find a job that suits your skills and schedule. Nursing homes will always be the most reliable source of work, so start your search there.

Be Flexible with your Hours

Nursing happens around the clock. There are at least three different shifts at most healthcare facilities. Mornings, evenings, and nights are the main shifts that you can work as a nursing assistant. If you cannot find a job for a daytime rotation, try being more flexible and working at later hours of the day. These are less favorable for most workers, meaning that there will usually be a greater need for new workers in those positions. There are fewer required workers at these hours, however, so it is not guaranteed that there will be staff openings for the evening and night shifts.

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