Direct Care Protocals for CNAs

Direct care procedures are the kind of steps that every certified nurse assistant, is expected to follow when performing a direct care. These include washing hands, ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible and protecting their rights. It also entails safety procedures and set standard precautions for instance infection control. These skills will earn one separate scores after evaluation and are observed more keenly than indirect skills. This is because they are the main job task the CNA is hired for.

The procedures and care tips and are as follows:

Greeting and Introducing Yourself Politely to the Patient

With a gracious smile, greet the patient. The smile makes the patient feel much comfortable and in turn making them willing to carry out the whole process with appropriate coordination. Introducing yourself and explaining about the care process politely to the patient will help you gain their support to conduct the procedure.

Wearing Gloves and Check the Warmth of Water

Certify that you have on your gloves ready to start conducting catheter care activity. This protects you from a variety of infectious germs. After placing the warm water in the water bowl, let the patient decide whether the heat is appropriate or not by touching. In cases where they can’t do this, it’s your duty to check the water warmth.

Adjust the Bed Level and Lay the Linen Sheet on the on the Patients Bed

Adjust the bed level to a convenient height so as to conduct the whole activity with ease. This helps you to execute the catheter care in the precise manner. The next procedure is placing a linen protector sheet on top of the bed linens under your patient’s perinea area. This protects the sheets from coming to contact with the infected content. You may turn the patient on one side to spread it properly.

Exposing Body Area for Care and Applying the Cleaning Agent

Ensure their body parts are not uncovered unnecessarily by uncovering a small area at a time. Apply soap upon the wet clothing you are using for cleaning. Gently without pulling catheter hold it closely off the tube cleaning in one direction and dry the tub after it’s done.

Remove the Sheets and Clean the Equipment

Remove the sheets and dispose linen protection along with the linens sheets. Lower the patient clothes covering their body using a light sheet or a blanket as you help them put on other clean ones. Clean the equipments that are to be used again after disposing the others. Remove the gloves and sanitize them.

Always ensure the patient is comfortable before leaving by asking. This is irrespective of how attentive you were, while doing the care catheter. Finally check the bed level and the calling button that they are in their right positions.

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