Connecticut CNA Training Classes

Qualifications and Regulations

Connecticut requires a bit more training for hopeful Certified Nursing Assistants than other states, with tight specifications for the type of material covered as well. The minimum amount of training required for an applicant is 100 hours. Within these 100 hours of study, 16 hours must be spent learning the communication and interpersonal skills vital to patient care, 16 hours covering residents’ rights, 16 hours covering residents’ independence, 16 hours to develop safety and emergency medical response skills such as the Heimlich maneuver and CPR, and finally, 16 hours to study the procedures on infection control. These requirements make it so that state-approved nurse aide training programs have little variance between each other, but according to the state department of health, there are 155 programs available so the options are extensive. An applicant must take the certification exam within two years of completing their CNA classes, as in most other states. Prospective CNAs must have a criminal record clean of felony charges.

Wage and Cost

The averagecna classes Connecticut salary of a CNA employed in the state of Connecticut is around $28,000. The lower end of this scale falls around $24,900 with the higher end reaching approximately $31,200. This is a relatively high wage for a CNA working in the United States, and fits the regional norm of the New England-area states. Depending on the training program you choose, the cost of tuition can be anywhere from $800 to $1200. Sometimes tuition can be high because of the cost of medical supplies or because the program requires application fees. For certification with the state, there is also an application fee, which covers the cost of determining a candidate’s eligibility for certification and other administrative responsibilities. This fee is often included in the tuition for nurse aide programs, but before enrolling in a program, it is best to confirm this. There is also a fee for renewal of the CNA certification, which is required every two years. Licensed CNAs will receive a notification 60 days in advance of their certification’s expiration and without renewal, a notice 30 days after the expiration date. The renewal fee is $120 and is separate from the application fee. There is a grace period of 90 days if a certificate is not renewed, but on the 91st day, the certification becomes null and the licensee must begin the entire certification process anew. Local CNA Classes can be at your local municipal building, or online.

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