Colorado CNA Training Classes

Qualifications and Requirements

Colorado has CNA Classes Coloradomany of the same requirements to become a Certified Nurse Aide as the rest of the country. Applicants must provide verification of their completion of a nurse’s aide training program to be eligible for the state’s Competency Evaluation. Despite the unique name, this test is very similar to other state CNA exams, including both a written portion and a clinical skills test. Colorado’s definition of training programs is a bit looser than most other states. They allow nursing education programs and psychiatric technician training programs to qualify for credit to take the Competency Evaluation, so long as the program is approved by the state in which it was conducted and was worth at least five semester credit hours. Even programs from outside of the country are permitted, so long as the credentials are translated to English and meet the same standards as the aforementioned types of programs. Acceptable training programs must provide at least 75 hours of instruction, with at least 16 hours of classroom training and at least 16 hours of clinical training under the supervision of a licensed nurse.Like most other states, an applicant must take their Competency Evaluation within two years of the date they completed a nurse aide training program and is only allowed three failed attempts before a course must be repeated. With the completion of the application, submission of fees, and passed background check, a candidate is eligible to become a certified CNA.

Wage and Cost

The average wage for a CNA working in Colorado is approximately $25,500. The range of salaries extends from $21,800 to $29,100. Among all the CNAs in the United States, this is a moderately competitive wage, placing among the top 25% of salaries earned by CNAs. There is an application fee for all candidates, but if the need for financial aid is demonstrated and there is federal money left in the state budget, it may be waived. The fee to apply for certification is $95 dollars, made out in personal check or money order.To find out the proper procedure and qualifications for financial assistance, investigate Colorado’s state Division of Professions and Occupations website. Like most other states, Colorado requires that registered CNAs renew their certificate every two years. Without renewal, a CNA who is found to be continuing to practice will suffer fines varying by the amount of time since proper certification, and could face further charges from the state department depending on the scale of their disobedience with state regulations.

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