CNA Training Grants

CNA Training

There are many ways to get financial assistance to pay for the cost of your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant. These CNA training grants can reduce the overall amount of stress you experience while learning the skills of your trade and will help keep you focused on mastering the techniques you need to succeed. Many people are held back from their goals because they believe they can’t afford the cost of instruction, but don’t get caught up in a price tag. Once you become certified, you will have access to a wider range of benefits and more fulfilling employment opportunities.

One of the most popular ways to get financial assistance with the cost of CNA training is to seek training at a nursing home. Nursing homes that accept Medicare and Medicaid are allocated funding by the government to pay for the training costs of new nurse aides. You are not guaranteed a free ride; you must receive an offer of employment in order to have your training paid for. But since most CNAs are hired by nursing homes, it should not be complicated to find a position in a day shift or night shift at one of these facilities. Your employment may not be at the same facility as your instruction, but so long as you have documented proof of your employment offer, your employers must pay for the cost of your training.

Another way that many nursing assistants get financial assistance is through reimbursement from their state government. Because of a federal law passed in 1987, every state is responsible for the conscientious and respectful treatment of its elderly residents that live at nursing homes. Therefore, they must maintain a Nurse Aide Registry that lists all the nurse aides that interact with and treat these elderly patients. Being listed on the Nurse Aide Registry means that you have met the state’s standards for training and conduct, and this is why the certification process is a bit different in each state. If you complete your certification and receive employment as a nurse aide within one year of completion, the state can reimburse you for the cost of your training.

In order to apply for this type of financial aid, you must contact your state’s Board of Nursing. Each board maintains its own Nurse Aide Registry and will be able to check your records and verify your employment. To make sure that you will not be denied this reimbursement, work hard and diligently. By maintaining a positive work record and establishing a good report with your employers, the state board should have no reason to deny you the compensation for the cost of your training. On the other hand, if you lose your job or receive negative reports, it will be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry and you may not be able to receive reimbursement for your training expenses.

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