CNA Training – Emotions

We have all been in a situation where we had to control our emotions in a work related environment. Do you think it is any easier to control your emotions in a high stress environment such as being a CNA? No, its not they are people to they just have ways that the pick up to learn how to control it in the day to day operations of their respective facilities.

We all know that anger is an offense worthy of getting fired over. For a CNA with some much competition and so many sets of eyes it can make it a little harder. Think about it you have peers superiors and a ton of patients who you will constantly be interacting with. Patients are looking for a reason to complain about anything they can, Superiors are watching you because that’s what superiors do, and you peers are watching you because they are your competition. If you show any of that anger you could get fired or stuck doing extra work that nobody wants to do. Not to mention it could ruin your whole day.

To control you emotions around your superiors and peers avoid mentioning your patient relationships. It’s important not to talk about what Mr. Johnson in bed one did to upset you because that will bring down the whole tone of the work day and could lead to an outburst of anger if confronted about it.

Another helpful tool is to keep up your motivation. Remember throughout the day what it is that drives you to do what it is you do whether it is that you really care about the patients or that you are trying to make the money to put yourself through nursing school. If you remember why you are where you are and why you do what you do you are less likely to have negative emotions towards others or yourself. Also, you could try using empathy especially when it comes to dealing with a rude patient or a nasty co-worker. Chances are that rude patient isn’t happy with being in that facility or hospital either, you know the phrase misery loves company.

Lastly if you communicate your problems or issues with co-workers you will be more effective and less prone towards bouts with negative emotions, therefore you are then managing a healthy work relationship. Healthy working relationships with everyone around you will lead to a healthy working environment.

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