CNA Training Course Review: Los Angeles Job Corps

CNA Training

The Los Angeles Job Corps is based in downtown Los Angeles and is operated by the YWCA. It is one of the most accessible, affordable, and comprehensive training institutions to train as a Certified Nursing Assistant in California. The center has many perks for its students, but some of these perks are only useful to the most disadvantaged students. With the option to live onsite and receive financial assistance with daily needs beyond instruction, the CNA course at Los Angeles Job Corps can be the difference between poverty and a fulfilling career in healthcare.


Almost smack-dab in the middle of Los Angeles, the LA Job Corps center is one of the most convenient options for urban residents. To be considered for admission, all applicants must have completed their high school diploma or GED and pass a criminal background check along with a drug test. Most students are between the age of 16 and 24, but the program is open to all applicants. Part of what makes the program so useful is the professional networks that it can provide for students after graduation from a vocational training program. For CNAs, they provide internships during training and also can provide employment contacts after program completion. The CNA course takes up to a year to complete, but some students finish within eight months.


There is no cost to training at the Los Angeles Job Corps. Because it is a government-funded institution, students are not required to pay for the cost of their instruction. On top of this, students that choose to apply for room and board can receive housing and meals for no additional cost. The school also provides a living allowance twice a month to cover additional expenses outside of educational needs. There are taxes taken from this allowance, and it is considered a wage of sorts. There are very few options for CNA courses in California that are free, which makes this an extremely attractive option.


There are some negative reviews of the Los Angeles Job Corps CNA course that are based on the institution in general. Because the Job Corps program is designed to help those most in need, other students that only need certification do not receive as many benefits. The atmosphere can be challenging for the most serious students, because there are other students that do not take their learning opportunities as seriously. Because of these unmotivated students, there are also teachers that are quick to frustration. Instructors in the CNA course are replaced often, and this has advantages and disadvantages. They may not be as experienced as other nursing teachers, but they are also more willing to invest time and effort in their work. Overall, the program is extremely useful for many types of people and will reward students based on their efforts. If you are ready to move forward with your career and take advantage of the opportunities provided, the Los Angeles Job Corp can give a great leg-up in your professional life.

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