CNA Salary

Many people interested in becoming a Certified Nurse’s Assistant are after a job that offers a reasonable pay-rate. But there are many factors that will determine your salary as a CNA. Between location, type of facility, and years of experience, there are hundreds of different rates available between all CNAs.


The most commonly cited average for a CNA’s salary is $25,000. This is the average, entry-level income for any newly employed CNA. This number varies between different states and facilities, however. Low-end earners (accounting for less than 10% of CNAs) are paid $10 per hour, while a significant majority is paid at least $13 per hour.  The higher paid positions (accounting for less than 10% of CNAs) are paid over $16 an hour. These variances are accounted for by regional differences and individual distinction.

State Differences

Between the states, there are different levels of employment for CNAs. Depending on the job-market, demand for workers, and employer policy, Americans from different states can expect to see vast differences between their CNA salaries. For example, in Oklahoma, the average pay-rate for a CNA is around $21,000 but in Massachusetts, it rests around $28,000. Generally speaking, states in the Southand Midwestern regions of the country pay less than states on either coast. This is due to the number and type of facilities presently hiring CNAs to work in each state.

CNA Salary
Facility Rates

The type of facility that hires you will also determine the size of your salary. Work is available for CNAs at a number of diverse places and the duties required will affect pay-rate. For example, a CNA working in a nursing home or assisted living center earns an average of $11.50 per hour. This is the most common position for new CNAs, holding over 50% of all employment. Working in a hospital will earn an average of $13 dollars an hour. These positions at state, local, and private hospitals, account for about 30% of all CNA employment. Even beyond these most common jobs, there are countless other opportunities for work. As a CNA develops and matures with experience, there will be new, advanced venues for their skills. By developing their skills and knowledge-base, a CNA has a much better chance to receive higher pay for their valuable abilities.




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