CNA Rewards

Many people choose careers based on the financial gain they stand to make between different fields. But the job of a Certified Nurse’s Assistant offers more complex rewards than the simple monetary gain of other professions. Many people who decide to become CNAs are seeking more meaningful rewards without sacrificing a necessary wage.

Costs vs. Benefits

Among medical professions, the CNA requires the least training and therefore, costs the least to gain a degree of certification. Given the relatively short amount of time it takes to become qualified, it is simple to begin working as a CNA, with little to no higher education required. Unlike similar positions, however, the CNA has a potential for advancement and continual development of professional skills in a field that is always in demand. It is not a career that will make anyone rich, but it does not take a lot to start.

Value among a Medical Team

Despite the limited number of requirements, the work of a CNA is indispensable to most medical teams. It is true that doctors and nurses perform the more elaborate procedures of patient care, but that does not mean that they are the sole influence on their patient’s health. Quality of care is determined by the energy and compassion of those who interact with patients most frequently. Ordinarily, this is the CNA. Doctors rely on CNAs to be there when they cannot, and their constant presence is what makes them so crucial.
CNA Rewards
Constant Challenge

Being a CNA can be much more demanding than other jobs. But this is part of what makes the work so gratifying. There is nothing tedious about constant interaction with patients and all the necessary duties of a CNA benefit from the personal touch of an individual who is invested in their work. The more effort you put into being a CNA, the more it will reward you on a personal level.

Useful Knowledge/Skills

Being part of a medical team grants countless opportunities to gain new knowledge and acquire new skills. There are many situations that do not require a CNA and yet CNAs experience so much more than they are qualified to handle. This is part of the constant challenge. But this is also what makes the CNA such a versatile position. There is exposure to the field of medicine, and as the start to a more advanced medical career, the opportunities to gain new skills will translate to new opportunities to work. Emergency medical skills can be valuable outside of a work environment too, and the knowledge required to be a CNA can provide safety and reassurance for any situation.

Making a difference

The greatest reward of being a CNA is making a difference in the life of the people you help. Through work as a CNA, you will be interacting with people whose quality of life has diminished. By making patients more comfortable and accommodated, you are influencing the way they experience life. The meaningful relationships that develop are often the defining factor as to why CNAs relish the work they do. Getting paid to make other people’s lives better is a two-fold reward.

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