CNA Programs

If you have decided that you are ready to become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant or are still looking for the details to seal the deal, here is some advice on the different types of programs available. The type of program you choose for your training may be extremely critical, as cost to enroll and teacher-involvement may vary between providers.The options listed are just a few among thousands. Also keep in mind that training programs for a CNA can be found almost anywhere that patient care is provided, including nursing homes, hospitals, and most other care-giving facilities. You should not sacrifice more time or money than is absolutely necessary for a training program that is readily available almost anywhere.

State Programs

Every state is responsible for making CNA training available to its residents. Therefore, every state has a number of different options for potential CNAs. The simplest way to get in touch with these programs is through your state’s online Nurse’s Aide Registry. The address, telephone number, and other contact information for these state offices will be readily available. CNA Training ProgramsGoing through state programs instead of private ones may be advantageous because of federal funding provided to each state to cover the costs of your training. In order to see if you qualify for free training, you will have to get in touch with the appropriate state boards. To do so, call the office of County Jobs and Family Services for your county.

Notable Programs

If you decide to opt away from state-funded programs, there is a wealth of training elsewhere. Whether through community colleges, universities, or the Internet, there are more ways to receive training than are worth counting. In order to narrow your expectations and make the search easier, it is best to stick to notable CNA training programs. The top rated nursing programs across the country’s universities as of 2009 are in order as follows: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), University of California (San Francisco), Columbia University (New York City), University of Washington (Seattle), and Yale (New Haven). But college programs are not the most efficient method to receive your CNA. Among the most notable online training programs, there are a few familiar names to those who have sought out other types of online learning. Some of the most well-established online universities include Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Herzing University, Keiser University, and Bryant and Stratton College. These online universities cannot offer you a legitimate certificate, but can provide all the training necessary for you to pass the required tests for your CNA.

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