CNA Jobs Outside the Nursing Home

The main place to find a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant is at a nursing home or assisted living community. These healthcare communities provide jobs for almost 60% of the CNAs working in the United States. But these are a very specific type of workplace, and some nurse aides do not live close enough to a nursing home or retirement community to justify looking for a job at one of these places. Once you complete your training as a nursing assistant, you can help with a wide range of medical responsibilities, so consider looking for a job at other places besides old folks’ homes.


The next best place to find a job as a nurse aide is the hospital. These large medical facilities have a huge number of employees on staff, and many of these are healthcare support occupations. CNAs can be a valuable member of the hospital team in performing daily routines and upkeep for patients that have extended stays. The job is not much different from that of the nursing home, but nurse aides are considered orderlies and have much wider territory to cover. There are night shifts available as well.

Offices of Physicians

Physicians are always in need of support staff. There are many positions in private medical practices that are needed to support the main doctor as he or she performs their daily routines. Administering tests, measuring vital signs, and preparing patients for the doctor are all tasks that a CNA are qualified to complete. Sometimes, doctors will also hire nurse aides as medical assistants if they have the appropriate administrative skills.

Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics like psychiatric wards and substance abuse retreats are staffed with qualified medical professionals, including many types of nurses. CNAs are useful in this facilities because they can have more flexible hours and be responsible for patient monitoring when doctors are away. Because these places require a greater amount of supervision for patients, nurse aides are especially useful for their affordable rate and versatile skill range as emergency medical responders or medication providers.

Home Health Aide

If you want to work outside the nursing home, consider working as a home health aide. In some states, it is a separate certification. Home health aides provide treatment to patients in private settings like their homes or family residences. They provide many of the same services as CNAs in nursing homes, but with an individualized touch. You will be responsible for one patient at a time, instead of rotation through many different people and daily tasks. This can be a more fulfilling way to provide direct care, as it promotes a more personal relationship with those that you assist.

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