CNA Job Related Injuries

As with most jobs there is a certain amount of injury risk associated with being a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  As a CNA you could expect to run a gauntlet of injury risk such as anything from bruises to scratches, back and muscle injuries, to full on open wounds.

Working as a CNA in a nursing home especially seems to present and exceptionally high risk of a work related injury. These injuries will commonly occur because of the wide array of things that a CNA is expected to due like patient transfers, moving beds, lifting patients off of there beds and unruly sometimes senile patients who may be having a Vietnam flash back and forget where they are.

In some cases the greater risk of injury can be attributed to the lack of respect that a CNA will get from other medical personnel. CNA could be considered at the bottom of the barrel as far as medical personnel are concerned so CNA’s will do bottom of the barrel work. CNA’s get tossed hand me down task in hospitals and nursing homes because those are the task that nobody wants to do, creating disgruntled workers. Disgruntled workers are more careless when doing work therefore they become more likely to receive an injury during the course of performing these duties.

In a lot of cases the greater risk of work related injuries could be attributed to the low rate of pay that CNA’s receive. Comparatively a CNA receives and exceptionally lower amount of pay than other medical professionals, while expected to do in a lot of cases more menial work. Logically if a person can see that they are doing more work for marginally less pay and respect they will again become careless at their job causing work related injuries.

To combat the relatively high amount of work related injuries among CNA’s some facilities have started to hire on a larger contingent of CNA’s leaving them with less total work to do among that labor pool. The hiring of a larger work contingent also helps to produce a feeling of camaraderie among them creating a feeling of mutual respect leading to more careful work, which will produce less injury.  Most facilities have started to provide training to combat the issue of work related injuries. Some facilities just hire less at a higher salary causing more careful work once again leading to less of a risk of work related injury.

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