CNA Course Review: Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Course

Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training

The American Red Cross offers state-approved nurse aide training throughout the country. The program has been in effect for many years, and offers students the opportunity to begin their career in healthcare with little cost. The course requirements are minimal, but the ability to read and write will be needed to pass the certification test that follows your training. There are many reasons to choose the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Course, but there are also some drawbacks.


There are many Red Cross facilities across the country, but not all of them offer CNA training courses. This is one of the major drawbacks, and not everyone will be able to have access to the training program. Depending on the state you live in, there may or may not be a state-approved nurse aide course at your nearest American Red Cross. For trainees with the privilege to train at one of these facilities, there are many perks that make it convenient and simple to finish the program. Their course textbook is available online, though the price of a physical book is included in tuition. The online textbook is great for studying in free-time, finding answers to your questions on the fly, or last minute review. The training facilities are usually located on-site, and many services that the Red Cross offers to the community will help you learn some of the techniques required during your work as a CNA. If they’re available in your state, finding classes is also simple, with an easy-to-use class locator on their website.


One of the best aspects of the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Course is the cost. Because the Red Cross is a non-profit institution for community service, they offer classes at extremely reasonable rates. Most of the price of your tuition goes towards instruction materials and there are very few extraneous expenses. Compared to other programs, training is available at a great price.


With a long history of community service and outstanding compassion for the public, the American Red Cross is a great place to train. CNAs that finish training with this institution are part of a large body of professional healthcare providers that serve the country with pride. The instructors take their work very seriously, and it shows in the quality of their teaching. Due to the popularity of the program, it is sometimes difficult to get one-on-one attention with the instructors. One complaint is the nature of the hands-on instruction, as some students feel rushed into the work environment without proper guidance. All in all, the program offers a great compromise between affordability and accessibility, and the drawbacks are outnumbered by the benefits of the prestigious establishment.

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