CNA Course Review: Dallas GC Career Training

CNA Classes

The Dallas GC Career Training is a popular option for training as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Dallas, Texas area. The school specializes in nurse aide and medical assistant training. Their CNA program offers short-term instruction programs to help students prepare for the certification exam required for all nurse aides. The training center is a Christian learning community and instructors apply equal parts of faith and knowledge to emphasize the importance of care-taking techniques and patient considerations. Classes begin on the second Monday of every month so long as there are at least five students enrolled.


The Dallas GC Career Training center is located just east of the Stemmons Freeway, north of West Dallas. The CNA course is accessible to most types of students, making it a convenient program for enrollment with flexible admission criteria. The only admission requirements are that students must be at least 17 years old and be able to read and write English. One aspect that takes away from the convenience is the limited course offerings. There are not many options for students in terms of class scheduling, and it may be possible for a class to be canceled if not enough enrollment has been achieved. This makes it more difficult to schedule classes for personal convenience, but there are other favorable factors to consider for the CNA program.


The cost of tuition is $600. This price includes the cost of registration, textbooks, and testing fees for the NATCEP competency exam required to complete certification. This is a very affordable program for CNA training in Texas, and most programs in the Dallas area cost more. This is one of the most attractive aspects of the course, and the lower cost of tuition does not correlate to a lower quality of instruction.


Because of its relatively small size, the Dallas GC Career Training program has a very limited reputation. It attracts most of its students through word of mouth and therefore, has received limited feedback. Some students have reported that they chose to enroll elsewhere when the class they signed up for did not have enough students and was cancelled. The positive reviews of the course mention the high-quality of instructors and praise the overall objectives of the program, which involve service-based faith and charitable acts. Their website is minimal, so interested applicants are recommended to contact the administration via telephone.

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