CNA Course Review: Alpha Career Institute

CNA Course

The Alpha Career Institute is based in Arlington, Texas just outside of East Arlington. The institute offers many different adult education programs and career training classes. Students can complete their GED and many different types of medical certificates to advance in their professional field or start a career in healthcare. The program for Certified Nursing Assistants is extremely popular, and there are many different types of classes available to achieve certification as a CNA.


The flexible admissions process is one of the most convenient aspects of the Alpha Career Institute’s training program for CNAs. There are no educational requirements for students except that they are able to prove they have completed the 10th grade. Many other training programs in Texas require that students hold high school diplomas or GEDs. It is possible to complete the CNA course in two weeks, which makes it one of the most fast-paced and focused training programs available in Texas. One drawback is that all students must first complete a guided tour of the facility before they enroll, though this has many benefits beyond the inconvenience of delayed enrollment. The Alpha Career Institute can also provide the certification exam for students who were trained elsewhere.


The cost of the CNA program varies depending on the class schedule. The most basic course for nurse aides can have tuition of at least $800. The course schedules vary and are offered weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. The school also offers bundle packages for medical certification which can be more efficient for job training expenses in the long run. For example, the Patient Care Technician includes CNA certification and several other medical certificates. This program is more extensive than basic nurse aide training and requires tuition of approximately $5,600.


The Alpha Career Institute has a sterling reputation and is extremely popular among nursing students. The facilities are brand new and are well-maintained, with many cutting-edge medical laboratories and training classrooms. A major part of the program’s popularity is due to the extensive internships and job opportunities that students are connected to through the institute. Because employment is the most common reason students seek training, a program that provides contact with employers is more valuable than others. The teachers are highly-qualified and take pride in the service they provide to patients and students alike. Students that leave the Alpha Career Institute have a greater understanding of nursing and a deeper appreciation for empathic patient care. This is one of the premier CNA courses in Texas.

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