CNA Classes: Make a Good Impression with CNA Instructors

CNA Certification

Making a good impression with your CNA instructor is a great way to get an early start on your search for employment. Whether training at a nursing home or elsewhere, networking while you train can lead to employment opportunities and it is possible to have a job offer before you even complete your certification. Make the most of your time with instructors to better your chances at a job as a certified nursing assistant.


Showing up to class on time is extremely important. Especially when it comes to first impressions, it is important to show your instructors that you understand their time is valuable and make the effort to arrive when they ask. You do not want to miss anything.


Being a careful listener and active participant in classroom discussion is a great way to show your instructors your potential as an employee and caretaker. Because the job of a nurse aide requires constant maintenance and engagement with patients, showing that you can be focused and attentive is important to proving your capabilities as a CNA.

Work Ethic

Do not shy away from challenges. If your instructor assigns homework or asks for volunteers, complete the task with enthusiasm. The best way to prove you would be a great employee is to work as if you’re already hired. The quality of your work should speak for itself.


There are many personal touches that make a huge difference between the quality of work between certified nursing assistants. Because the job is so people oriented, showing that you can be outgoing and engaging is a highly valuable trait. Employers that see nurse aides that enjoy talking with patients will see a great hire.


Go above and beyond the instructor’s expectations. Seek out more challenges and ask for additional ways to prove your willingness to work. You will have many classmates, so to distinguish yourself may require more effort than everyone else makes.

Interest Level

Students that ask questions and try to find out more about the field of nursing always receive more attention from instructors than others. Quite simply, asking for more information and guidance are the best way to get both of those things. And employers will be more eager to hire a worker that is interested in the work.

Background Knowledge

Because there will be many other people in your class, you have to go out of your way to be noticed by the instructors. One way to do this is to do some research on your own time, and find out things that are relevant to the lessons you receive in class. Showing that you are capable of independent learning is a sign of an employee that is self-motivated and will go far in the field.

Most of all, enjoy your CNA classes, they are the beginning of a wonderful career.

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