CNA Certification: Nurse Aide Registry

CNA Certification

The Nurse Aide Registry is an online service provided by each state that lists the name and working status of every certified nursing assistant that is currently employed or holds a certificate. It can be useful for nurse aides, employers, and individuals looking for an evaluation of nursing services. The federal government stipulates that all nurse assistants must be listed on a state registry in order to be employed, so there is no way around using the Nurse Aide Registry for CNAs.

Certificate Verification

One of the most useful aspects of the Nurse Aide Registry is for first-time nurse aides. After taking the certification test, it can be a suspenseful time waiting to see your results. The online registry is a great way to check your status because it is updated faster than traditional administrative processes. Candidates can check to see if their certification has been achieved by finding their name of the registry. This is also useful for non-nurses who want to verify the status of a potential nurse aide, as it can be difficult to verify credentials without the registry. All nurse aides must be included on the registry in order to be fully-employed.

Working Status

For experienced nurse aides, the online Nurse Aide Registry is useful for checking their working status. In some states,the state board keeps track of nurse aides’ work history and employment records. The registry was designed for use by non-nurses as well, and customers of nursing homes can check out the work-records of staff members to make a better-informed decision on where to house their loved ones. The system is not completely like a customer-review, but by listing CNAs that have records of professional infractions, consumers have a better chance to avoid unfavorable nurse aides and nursing homes.

Employment and Endorsement

The best part about the Nurse Aide Registry is having all your work records neatly collected in one place. For nursing assistants that want to relocate, there are a number of uses for the registry. All CNAs must be certified by the state of their residence, but it is possible to apply for certification in a new state with an endorsement from your previous state. In order to achieve this, the nursing assistant must have their information transferred between state registries. The process is different between states, but most require that an offer of employment be received before the certificate can be transferred from the previous state to the next. This is extremely useful for CNAs that want to move to a new place to start making more money or find better working conditions.

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