CNA Course Review: City College of New York

CNA Training New York

The City College of New York has a special branch called the Continuing and Professional Studies program that is dedicated to giving people the technical skills they need to advance in the workforce. Recently, they gained the necessary accreditation to offer Certified Nursing Assistant courses. They offer their services in several communities throughout New York, including Harlem, Washington Heights, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The school offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees, and students in their state-approved nurse aide training course are held to the same standards as the rest of the school.


The Certified Nursing Assistant program at the City College of New York costs $995 for enrollment. This is around the average cost for a nurse aide training course in the state, but the quality of instruction is much higher than other programs. Institutions that offer courses for less are often found to be inadequate or unsatisfactory in their instruction techniques. Many nursing students at the City College can better appreciate their education, even if it comes at a higher price than others.


This new program is one of the most convenient in New York. With many different campus locations, it is simple to find a nurse aide course nearby. The school offers two different class schedules for students, and there are both day classes and night classes. The day classes meet four times a week for a total of 26 sessions with longer class duration, and night classes meet three times a week for a total of 44 sessions. These options make it possible for students with jobs to maintain their schedule while completing their certification.


It is less risky to receive your certification training from a community college or state university because these educational institutions have very long track records and public reputations to uphold. Diploma programs or specialized nursing programs can be frustrating or disorganized, and the City College of New York has neither of these qualities. As one of the top-rated public universities in the state, it has a prestigious reputation. There are some complaints about administration and specific teachers, but the certified nursing assistant program is new and was established to fill the needs of the community. Therefore, the instructors are dedicated to providing top-notch training for the students and work hard to establish a positive reputation for the new program. There are varying reviews between the different campuses that offer CNA courses, but generally speaking, it is always worthwhile to spend more time on your training at a legitimate institute of higher learning. By training at the City College of New York, your subsequent employment will be much more fruitful than if you attend a six-week training program for a nursing certificate.

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