Arizona CNA Training Classes

Qualifications and Requirements

Arizona is a more flexible state than the rest when it comes to its application process for Certified Nurse Assistants. The state does not have a minimum age requirement, allowing high school students to participate in nurse aide training programs as young as 14 years old. That being said, there are some restrictions on the amount and types of work that a minor can perform inside a clinical setting. The state also has a greater focus on bilingual programs to facilitate immigrants from the nearby country of Mexico. Aside from these distinctions, their requirements for certifications are very similar to the rest of the country. There are a number of state-approved training aide programs listed on the Arizona Board of Nursing website and these locations vary from hospital settings to college campuses. The applicant must take their CNA certification test within two years of completing their training. This step must be completed before an aspiring CNA mails in their application, as receiving the actual certification is the final step of the entire process. To be considered, the application must include a completed fingerprint card and a copy of the “certificate of completion” from a state-approved training program. If you are already a qualified CNA transferring from another state, you must provide proof of relevant coursework totaling at least 120 hours, or proof of relevant coursework totaling at least 75 hours with 45 hours of working experience. Applicants must prove citizenship and have a criminal record free of any felonies.CNA Classes Arizona

Wage and Cost

The average salary of a CNA working in Arizona is approximately $25,500 ranging anywhere from $21,800 to $29,100. This is relatively high among other CNA salaries in other states. This is primarily due to the high demand for CNAs in retirement communities, of which Arizona has many. With an elderly population, there is a need for qualified nurse aides in many places across the state. The application process to become a CNA in Arizona has no required fees. There is, however, a $50 fee to take the CNA certification test itself. For certification, there are several optional fees, which include a $50 charge for a wallet-sized certification card and a $50 charge for a pre-processing of your fingerprint card if you have not yet passed the necessary certification test. Again, these fees are optional, but if you have applied for certification before passing both parts of the test, the $50 for fingerprint checking will become mandatory. There is also a $50 fee for checks that bounce.

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