Alaska CNA Training Classes

Qualifications and Requirements

Alaska has mostly the same requirements for obtaining a Certified Nurse Assistant as other states. They have some special considerations for CNA classes due to the state’s proximity to the neighboring country of Canada. In general, the state department makes it a simpler task to transfer Canadian certification into a working license once in the United States. To be eligible for the CNA exaCNA Training Alaskamination in Alaska requires completion of a state-approved nurse aide CNA training program within two years of applying for certification. Other ways to meet this requirement are possessing a current or expired nursing license from another state or Canada, completing one or more years of nursing education (including both classroom and clinical experience) within two years of applying for the examination, or completing a medic training program and serving within the United States military within five years of applying for examination. If the applicant meets one of these requirements, they are eligible to take the CNA certification exam, and once passed, can work as a CNA in Alaska.

To apply, candidates must complete the appropriate application form including a signature and notarization. Applicants must include a small copy of their passport picture, a completed fingerprint card (obtained through the state department’s website), and their Social Security Number. The application must be received by the state at least two weeks prior to the test-date you have selected. There may be complications with your certification if you are in arrears of Child Support payments, resulting in a temporary form of certification.

Wage and Cost

The average salary of a CNA working in Alaska is approximately $28,500, along a range from $25,000 to $31,000. This is relatively high among all CNAs, as the state’s distant location and low population makes the job of most medical personnel more valuable. There are fees associated with each step of the process: application fee ($50), finger print processing fee ($59), examination fee ($50), certification fee ($120), and renewal of certification fee ($50). The state department of Alaska, like most other states, requires that CNAs renew their certification every two years and prohibits workers from working under an expired certificate. Renewal notices are usually mailed to registered nurse aides by at least 60 days prior to expiration so as to prevent any confusion or anxiety. If you are hoping to work under your own employment or begin any sort of work outside of an employer’s jurisdiction, you must obtain a valid business license. CNA classes online are available.


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