Alabama CNA Classes

Qualifications and Requirements:

Alabama is one state that does not allow online training programs for qualification. CNA applicants must complete a nurse aide training program that has been approved by the Alabama Board of Health. Equivalent training can be obtained through higher education, such as a LPN or a RN program that is approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing. After completing the necessary courses, applicants must complete the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program within two years, or else it is void. The NNAAP examination is in two parts, as most CNA certification tests are in other states. The written portion has 70 questions and the skills test consists of five tests from the possible list of 25. Both parts must be taken on the same day.
To fill out an application correctly, hopeful CNAs must provide their social security number, address, and type of examination desired. If you graduated from an independent, state-approved program, you must provide the name of the CNA training program, the code and the program completion date, and the instructor’s signature. For RN or LPN degree programs, you must provide the name of the program, the date of completion, and the signature of the instructor. The final piece of information required is your Sponsor Information, in the form of the five-digit Sponsor code. After that, you can choose the test facility and examination of your choice in order to complete your application. You CNA Classes Alabamawill be scheduled to take the examination after the test-center has received your complete application and the appropriate fees.

Wages and Cost:

The average salary for a CNA in Alabama is approximately $21,000, with a range between $18,700 and $22,900. Depending on the location and type of institution providing employment, a CNA may be offered medical, dental, and retirement benefits. Working for the state can offer a lot of benefits to CNAs, with benefits up to 35% worth of the employee’s wage. They allow up to thirteen sick days per year and thirteen personal days of leave. These numbers may change depending on the location, but Alabama state employees should be provided the same minimum benefits.

Relatively speaking, CNAs in Alabama make significantly less than other CNAs across the United States. The cost of CNA training programs approved by the state range between $300 and $1000, but as in all other states, there are numerous programs that offer reduced costs and fee waivers.


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