5 Benefits of a Nursing Career

There are a number of benefits of a nursing career. This offers you great job satisfaction and career opportunities. The job is also known for its security even during times of recession.

Are you driven by the motivation to serve the society? If yes, a career in nursing would be fruitful and give you a chance to serve the community. With great opportunities of advancement, it is one of the most preferred career options for any individual. Let us take a look at five benefits of a nursing career.

  1. Job Satisfaction
    No other job gives you as much satisfaction as that of saving a life. As a nurse you would understand the true value of life. Every breath of life is a gift when you have helped a patient overcome a dreaded illness. Nursing practitioners are among the most respected people in the society. This job requires a lot of respect for human life and compassion and empathy for people suffering.
  2. Career Opportunities
    The career opportunities for nursing practitioners has undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade and you can find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers and assisted living facilities. However these opportunities aren’t limited to a clinical setting alone. You can make your way into medical and nursing research and also as educator in training institutes. With the growing demand for advanced healthcare you would come across many career advancement opportunities.
  3. Choice of Specialization
    You would enjoy complete choice of specialization throughout your career. Right from the time of your training you would be able to choose a specialty. You have the option to choose between surgeries, ICU, pediatrics. Each of these has its own challenges and would require you to undergo special training.
  4. Financial Benefit
    Nursing can be a very rewarding career options in terms of monetary gains. It is one of the most well-paid career options in the world and with advanced education you can increase your marketability immensely. According to the S. Department of Labor the median pay stood at $65,470 per year making it a well-paying career option. Nurses in reputed hospitals in the country are said to be even pocketing a six figure annual salary.

Job Security         
Certain career options never face the threat of job cuts and nursing is surely one of them. The demand for nurses has constantly been on the rise and it would further increase with growth in population and better reach of healthcare services. With an ageing population in the United States and most developed economies in the world this career would offer you excellent opportunity in years to come.

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