CNA Training Programs

One of the most dependable career fields is medicine. Getting a job as a CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant will put you among a number of caregivers and experts whose work will always be in demand, no matter the economic situation of the times. For anyone looking for a sustainable source of work, getting your Certified Nurse Assistant certification is a great idea. Getting your training can be useful if you are currently working another full-time job, but are looking to make a change.


Depending on the type of program you choose, costs for training vary. Some training programs are free, but may not offer everything you need to become qualified, such as clinical experience or the full course-load. Before you begin any programs, make sure they are accredited by NLNAC. The most common providers for CNA classes are community colleges. These institutions will offer scholarships or reduced rates for in-state students, so they provide a good avenue to investigate if you are looking for a lower price. Depending on the institution and the level of accreditation, classes range from $300 to $3,000 in cost. If this option is not best for you, others include companies such as Kaplan or Phoenix University. That being said, there may be opportunities for even cheaper classes at local community centers or on-site lessons at generous care-giving facilities.

CNA Classes Online

To qualify for a CNA classes online, you will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent GED degree. Enrolling in courses online may have specific requirements as well. Some programs are regionally based because regulations vary by state. Spending some extra time researching the requirements for your state will benefit you.


Becoming a certified nurse assistant requires more than just studying. After completing at least 75 hours of coursework online or in person, there are other components of training that you will be expected to have experience with, including practical clinical knowledge. Choose a traing program that gives clinical experience or else you should be skeptical of its legitimacy. After completing all your training, you will be required to take the certification test. For state certification that is most easily recognized by employers, it is best to visit the nearest Red Cross hospital or community college.

How to Get Started

The first step to getting started with CNA classes online is choosing a program that fits your needs. Doing some research online will help you narrow down the field of your options, of which there are many. Keep in mind that there are many requirements for certification, so do not be disillusioned by programs that offer you everything you want for nothing in return, as they may be leaving out what you actually need.